Whether cities are densifying, renovating existing buildings, redesigning living space or creating jobs:
We recognize potential in the city and look for attractive places with history.

Projects Living

Letzter Hasenpfad, 450 m²
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Braubachstraße, 1,400 sqm
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Rohrbachstraße, 1,020 sqm
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Projects Business

Holteistraße, 3,000 sqm
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Arndtstraße, 950 sqm
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Oberlindau, 3,000 sum
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Acquisition Profile

You have a suitable property and want to offer it for sale? For an initial assessment, we kindly ask you to provide us with a site plan, information on building law and the landowner. In the case of existing properties, we also require information on existing rental agreements and the building substance.


Germany wide
> 50,000 inhabitants
from 2,000 sqm

Preferably urban centres
Centrally located districts or university locations
Good connections to the road network and public transport
Existing or fallow land with existing infrastructure
Developed and undeveloped land (with and without building rights)


Residential Retail Office Hospitality Education

We guarantee

a fast and professional handling, transparency, a solid liquidity structure and reliability.

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